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Gasso Law has extensive and varied backgrounds in trademark and copyright law. At Gasso Law we comprehend the value of your intellectual property assets and work to guarantee they are protected. Gasso Law is experienced in handling complicated cases and we will defend your rights and most valuable assets.

Registration of a trademark or service mark represents a great value in the area of intellectual property law. Registering a trademark does require a level of skill to determine the proper description and identification of the goods and/or services, and providing the appropriate evidence to the Federal Government.

Gasso Law has a wide range of experience registering trademarks. We assist clients in transactions to help license or acquire trademark portfolios. We draft, prepare, and negotiate complex issues regarding trademark licenses. Gasso Law also performs with audits of intellectual property assets as part of any transaction of trademark portfolios. Trademark Agreements may have a huge effect on your business. If you wish to make business transactions securing your rights and responsibilities, contact us today.

A copyright is the exclusive right to reproduce, publish, sell, or distribute the matter and form of something (such as a literary, musical, or artistic work). Copyrights will last for a certain amount of time. Gasso Law has the experience to prepare copyright applications and attain copyright registrations for visual arts, films, and writings. Gasso Law will enforce copyright registrations as well as allegations of copyright infringement.

Our practice areas include:

- Registration of Trademark, Copyright, Service Mark, and Licensing
- Infringement Lititgation
- Trade Secrets
- Non-Disclosure

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