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Family law cases are often complicated and sensitive. When individuals fight over child custody, finances, and property, the stakes are high and the emotions are strong. At Gasso Law P.A., we never forget your case is highly personal. We're the firm to turn to when you need help settling your family matters. We offer honest advice, and aggresively pursue your interests, whether in mediation or in the courtroom. Schedule a consultation with us today if you require assistance with:

- Divorce
- Division of Marital Asset
- Child Custody
- Child Support
- Adoption
- Juvenile Law
- Alimony
- Post Seperational Support
- Prenuptial Agreements
- Injunctions for Protection

Gasso Law P.A.has the knowledge, experience, and resources you need in such consequential cases. We provide counsel in all areas of family law, including the often difficult processes of finalizing divorce, spousal support, and parenting plans. Let us make these stressful times easier by providing you with the competent legal representation that your case requires for a more favorable outcome and smoother resolution.

We are here to help. Contact us for a free consultation (305) 927-5551