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An entertainment attorney can help you see through all the complex issues within a contract. There are many issues and subjects covered within a contract. In many cases there are financial consequences for violating the contract. Do not sign a contract without understanding everything inside that specific contract. Having a Sports & Entertainment Attorney to help you understand, as well as implement the clauses inside a contract, can help you save you from monetary loss and damage to your character and reputation.

At Gasso Law we not only ensure your protection within a contract, we help you negotiate and protect you in the event there is a breach of contract. Gasso Law advises and represents clients in all legal matters related to film, television, visual and literary works, and intellectual property.

Prior to law school, Jonathan Gasso owned the rights to many feature films. He has experience raising necessary capital to fund projects. He has pitched projects and companies to high net worth individuals as well as financial institutions such as the Urban Investment Group at Goldman Sachs. He has years of hands on experience in the film and television industry.

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